Portfolio: Integrating Diverse Design Criteria
Brandeis University: NSF Educational Technology Experiment
Brandeis DEMO

Professor Jordan Pollack with Ann Marion and graduate students from the DEMO lab, Nov 2002.

School Testing of Experimental Protocols

Completed for ~>200 students Spring 2003

  • Watertown Middle School
  • Milton Academy
  • Franklin School, Trenton,New Jersey

Educational Technologies Director Ann Marion with students testing "SPELLBEE" at Watertown Middle School, May 2002.

Brandeis Server
  • Interacts with Students
  • Captures Data for Statistical Analysis

Requires Collaboration with School:
  • Systems Admin
  • District IT
  • Lab Instructor
  • Teacher

Curriculum & Learning Goals must be acquired


Build & test "experimental artifacts" to drive development of this idea

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