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Case Study: The response to Katrina: is one theme of client Dartmouth Engineering Sciences Course: Healthcare & Biotechnology in the 21st Century. Timely, broad and deep, such themes provide a unified thread between diverse talks by invited expert speakers.

Working with faculty in an editorial role, themes are translated to course websites, combining cutting edge speaker's research with current on-line news sources, journals, and digital libraries.

Promoting integration among institutional support services spread across independent facilities, we are able to champion use of licensed applications and new tools; for secure access and video of lectures available as streaming or ipod.

One day such essential subjects will be learned through interactive 3D simulations engaging teamwork supported by role-playing games tied to deep content archives and digital libraries. We seek for small steps with existing technologies, meeting the standards supported by the client institution.




Working with faculty to transform academic content to the Internet.

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sustaining academic content from classroom to internet