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Ann Marion is a producer/designer of websites and interactive media. A strategic consultant for new england companies and universities in transition to on-line communications, she works to adapt content to utilize the internet.

Working with clients or faculty in an editorial role, she is a project manager coordinating with in-house staff, third-parties, customers or students. She brings a systems perspective to the design process, to identify and sustain a client's community, bring a customer-focus and push integration of content and customer databases.

She has worked for large companies, small businesses, consulting & design firms, and start-ups. This has given her an in-depth exposure to evolving technologies and systems for supporting ePublishing, eLearning, and eHealthcare. She is known for taking small projects and transforming them into exciting, innovative initiatives.

Ann received an MSVS from MIT Media Lab and Film/Video in 1982, with studies in interactive multi-media as well as studies in documentary film and video creating demo tapes of prototype technologies. She studied illustration and museum exhibit design at Cornell University, receiving a BFA from in 1975.

Depending on project requirements, expert consultants, special talents, freelancers, and facilities rentals, are pulled into project teams.